John Newman

Young and talented, John Newman became popular in the UK at just 20 years old, signing with Island Records.

His fame amplified over the years with hit singles and collaborations with other artists. He’s perhaps best known for his track ‘Love Me Again’ which topped the UK Singles Chart in July 2013, and also featured in FIFA 14. By 2013 he’d won the hearts of many and had become one of the most praised and successful British singers.

John Newman also garnered popularity with his co-written and sung songs with Rudimental, including ‘Feel the Love’ and ‘Not Giving In’ which hit number one and 14 on the chart respectively. Newman’s also collaborated with one of our other Dead Famous artists, Calvin Harris (BACKLINK) with the single ‘Blame’ which topped the UK charts.

John Newman’s been nominated for three Brit Awards, and by the start of 2014 had sold over 1.3 million records in the UK. By 2018, he’d sold six million singles worldwide.

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